An advisor’s paramount job is educational - not transactional - to assist the collector in refining a personal vision for their own collection.

Levin AG takes great pride in developing lasting relationships with collectors. In the early stages of formulating a collection, connoisseurship develops through education.  We schedule gallery and museum visits, auction previews, and attendance at art fairs so that whatever time a collector can make available is filled efficiently and enjoyably. If desired, we create a dedicated research library for your personal edification, or present a series of informal lectures with visuals that provide a private, relaxed exchange of ideas.

Experienced collectors require a different curatorial methodology focused on deepening their existing collection with key additional works. Seasoned collectors sometimes fall into a comfortable pattern of working repeatedly with the same handful of gallerists. While time-honored art world relationships should be maintained and strengthened, it is wise to continually groom new relationships, as artists constantly move to, or are shared between, newer international galleries with increasing regularity. New contacts also introduce new artists and artistic practices to the seasoned collector, continuing the process of connoisseurship.