An advisor is only as good as the sum of their experience - the breadth and depth of our experience allows Levin AG to consistently access and offer our clients the most exceptional artwork available at the best possible price.

Levin AG has been thoroughly immersed in the art market for 35 years.  We have carefully reviewed over 20,000 artworks for acquisition from primary gallerists, secondary dealers, and auction houses, and have been responsible for the purchase of over 1,500 artworks with a cumulative value of over one billion dollars.  The enormity of this statistical data provides us with massive quantitative experience in a market where concepts of price and value constantly shift.  

The true measure of an experienced advisor occurs precisely when markets suddenly stop or severely reverse.  Our personal experience with art market cycles over the past four decades provides us with the qualitative wisdom to envision where opportunities are located in the midst of confusion, and how to turn major market reversals to a serious collector’s advantage by capitalizing on other's lack of confidence.  Many advisors working today were not yet born when the epic 1987 'Black Monday' crash caused the art world to grind to a screeching halt, were still in school during the 2000 'dotcom bubble', and did not begin their career until after the 2008 'Global Financial Crisis/Great Recession'.  

A collector should not work with an advisor who is sourcing the same type and/or quality of artworks for other clients.  To minimize conflicts of interest and remain fully objective, our firm advises a small number of vetted collectors involved in different areas and strata of the art market, neither owns any artwork as inventory, nor represents any artist or gallery.