Above all, a collector must feel that they are working with an advisor who is scrupulously honest and trustworthy.

This is the bedrock foundation of any business relationship. All aspects of Levin AG business dealings, including the offering or sale of artwork, invoicing, and any monetary transactions our firm handles are thoroughly transparent to the collector at all times.
In addition, we guarantee that any personal client information is permanently held in absolute strictest confidence.

A collector should not work with an advisor who is sourcing the same type and/or quality of artworks for other clients. If an advisor is offered one iconic work by a significant artist, how do you know that you, and not another collector working with that same advisor, will be offered this important artwork first? To minimize conflicts of interest and remain fully objective, our firm advises a small number of vetted collectors involved in different strata of the art market. In addition, our firm neither owns any artwork as inventory, nor represents any artist or gallery.