The core of an advisor's job is to consistently access and offer a collector the most exceptional artwork available at the best possible price.

In the past three decades, Levin AG has carefully reviewed over 15,000 artworks for acquisition from primary gallerists, secondary dealers, and auction houses. We have been responsible for the purchase of over 1,000 artworks with a cumulative value in the mid-nine figures. This enormity of statistical data provides us with massive quantitative knowledge in a market where concepts of price and value constantly shift.

Many art advisors working today were not involved in the 1980‘s art world when the largest historical art market boom ground to a screeching halt in 1990.  The true measure of an experienced advisor occurs when the market suddenly stops or severely reverses.  Our direct experience with art market cycles over the past quarter century provides us with qualitative wisdom to envision where opportunities are located in the midst of confusion, and how to turn a major market reversal into a collector’s advantage to capitalize on others’ lack of confidence.

Should you be interested in selling artwork either privately or publicly at auction, our firm has a proven track record of negotiating extremely favorable financial terms and world record sales prices for multiple artists.